VW 166 Schwimmwagen

Restoration Project

TPorsche started to create a smaller Schwimmwagen, which resulted in the project: type 166. The first 125 vehicles were produced by the Porsche Team and they were hand-made in Stuttgart. These cars are also known as “Vorserienschwimmwagen” or preseries Schwimmers. The type 166 entered large-scale production in Wolfsburg (or “Stadt des KdF-Wagens”, City of the Strenght Trough Joy Car). The production model, this is the “VW-Schwimmwagen” we know today, possessed a wheelbase which was 40 cm shorter than the earlier type 128. Also the vehicle’s width had been reduced by 10cm. There were some small body modifications done as a result of the army-tests. The tow hooks for example got reinforcements. Now it was powered by the same 1131-cm3 engine installed in the Kubelwagen from 1943.

In the water the engine drove a three-bladed propeller at the rear of the Schwimmwagen. The type 166 was very popular, mainly because of the off-road capabilities thanks to the 4wheel drive. However, its amphibious capability was rarely used in action.
It is difficult to confirm but it is said that in World War 2 the Schwimmwagen had lifespan of only 6 weeks.

The production stopped in 1944, because of the large number of man-hours involved in the production and the high material usage

This 12th SS Schwimmwagen was part of the batch of the first 300 schwimmwagens produced, these were given to 3 units. The 1st SS LAH, 2nd SS Das Reich, and the Heer’s GrossDeutschland. This schwimmwagen was found in a garage in the 80’s, its currently under going restoration.