Club Fees

Costs to join the CHG are $25 per year. This fee helps pay for the quarterly issue of the front as well as mailing costs for event flyers. The club dues are also used to pay for the one million dollars of liability insurance the CHG must have.

Unit Fund

The 12 th SS has a unit fund. Yearly dues for the fund are $60 (based on your ability to pay). This money is mainly used for: Mailings of the Panzer Pimpfe, the unit’s newsletter, restoration and transportation of unit vehicles, and the purchase of loaner gear, blank ammunition etc..

Individual Gear

Below are estimated costs for your individual impression. (It should be noted that individuals are encouraged to acquire their personal gear in a timely matter, however this is completely dependent on your financial situation. The unit does have loaner gear for those who are still putting their impression together).

Item Cost

1) Field gray uniform (tunic, pants, and field cap w/ insignia) $150-200

2) K 98 rifle (WW II German manufacture) $300-450

3) Boots (w/hobnails, toe cleats, and heel irons) $200

4) Belt and buckle $50

5) Y-straps $60-75

6) Gas Mask Canister $80-100

7) Canteen $90

8) Mess Kit $40

9) E-tool with leather carrier $80

10) K 98 bayonet $90

11) K 98 ammunition pouches $60

12) M-42 steel helmet $100

13) Camouflaged Pullover smock $150-200

14) Camouflaged Helmet Cover $50

15) Camouflaged Zeltbahn (shelter quarter) $75

*Prices subject to change based on availability and vender