Steyr 1500/2000 A

The 1500A is really a 2000A. Late (!!) 1944 or early 45 production in the Auto Union Wanderer plant (former Horst). It is the second highest serial number German production truck, and so one of the last produced in the war. Most if not all German production was used for pick-up, radio trucks, ambulances, and such, so the body being fitted is not correct. It is thought to be a post war fire truck (tub) using some wartime panels. The front panels, chassis, and drive train is all original wartime production. There are about 50 1500/2000A’s in the world in various degrees of completeness; there are three in the USof A. Parts have been an on-going challenge, but the majority are now on hand. Of course the last 10% may take 90% of the time to find and acquire.